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Recovering with a Dual Diagnosis

It’s not uncommon for someone with a substance use disorder to have a co-occurring mental illness. In fact, the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that about 9.2 million adults had a mental illness and a co-occurring substance use disorder. The critical thing to know is that treatment is available for both diagnoses that you may have. People can and do recover. Villa Tranquil Recovery can help. 

Treating Both Disorders

Because substance use disorder and mental illness are so closely intertwined, both diagnoses must be treated simultaneously. This integrated treatment may include many different options, which is why our treatment here at Villa Tranquil Recovery is highly individualized to our client’s needs. We are committed to treating all areas that are impacted by substance use disorder and mental illness so that our clients have the best chance at a successful, long-lasting recovery.

Reducing Stress

Stress can trigger someone to use substances, making the mental illness worse. When someone is dealing with both substance use disorder and a mental illness, stress can complicate both areas of concern. For this reason, it is crucial to understand how to reduce stress when possible. By using healthy coping skills and leaning on your support system, you’ll be able to reduce the stress you’re feeling and decrease the chances that you will reach for alcohol or drugs to cope with depression or anxiety. 

Reach Out Before You are in an Immediate Crisis

Many people who are diagnosed with an addiction or mental illness struggle with reaching out for help. They often feel like a burden or that they do not deserve the help they need. Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to remind you that you are deserving of the help you need. If you are struggling, please reach out to someone before you find yourself in an immediate crisis. Early intervention helps to stop things before they get to be unmanageable. Don’t wait for a crisis to ask for help. Reach out now.


Living with both a mental illness and substance use disorder is extremely common. If you are struggling with a dual diagnosis and don’t know where to turn, Villa Tranquil Recovery is here for you. We want to help you understand your diagnoses and make sure that you are getting the top-notch care you deserve. Call our trained staff today at 214-799-3080. We have programs that can benefit you, and our personalized care is unmatched. Call Villa Tranquil Recovery today for more information about how we can best serve you.