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Recovery and Forgiveness…A Mutual Relationship

One of the key ingredients to a recovery that lasts is forgiveness. It’s more than just accepting an apology, real or imagined, and it goes deep within your heart and soul. When you truly forgive someone, you let go of all resentment. This is not a natural step to take, and sometimes it takes longer than you’d like to admit. Turning away from resentment is a vital step in your recovery journey because hanging onto those old grudges will sabotage your success. Holding on to resentment is a one-way ticket to relapse.

Resentment comes in many forms. It can appear as a grudge you just can’t let go of or bitterness when you think of someone in your life. It may be disguised as blame. You may blame yourself, your situation, your parents, or anyone or anything. This blame is one of the most dangerous forms of resentment for your recovery and your mental well-being. Blame prevents you from taking responsibility for your actions and your life. Your recovery depends on your ability to take responsibility for your choices and your addiction. That responsibility leads to the healing and to the confidence that is so critical for your recovery.

Forgiveness offers you something incredibly meaningful.  It provides you with freedom. Forgiveness gives you the freedom to let go of all the negativity in your life and your past. Letting go of the hurt and the pain that were so much a part of your life during the darkness of your addiction leaves room for positivity and growth.

Are you ready to forgive those that have wrong you? Are you prepared to forgive the most essential person in your life…you? Try these simple tips to make forgiveness easier:

–    Mediation! This can give you an opportunity to feel the results of forgiveness even before you’ve done it, which makes it that much easier.

–    Remember everyone makes mistakes! Some are bigger than others, but no one is perfect.

–    Know that staying in victim mode gives them more power over you and extends your suffering.

–    Understand the forgiveness doesn’t have to be something you say to someone, it can happen within yourself. Sometimes this is the best way to forgive.

–    Realize that offering forgiveness doesn’t mean you weren’t justified in your feelings, and it doesn’t say they are no longer responsible for your pain. Forgiveness means you don’t have to walk around with the negativity anymore. You can move on.

If you think resentment, anger, or old grudges are inhibiting your recovery, call 214-799-3080 to talk to an experienced professional to help you find forgiveness.