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Recovery Is a Choice

There are so many misconceptions regarding addiction and recovery in today’s society. These misconceptions usually come from someone who has little to no experience dealing with mental health or substance use issues. Don’t fall for myths from those who are not properly informed. Get your addiction and recovery information from our trustworthy team at Villa Tranquil Recovery.

MYTH: Addiction is a choice.

Those who harp on this myth usually do not realize the harm they are doing to those suffering and those in recovery. People like to bring up that the person suffering from the addiction chose to use in the first place. What they fail to realize is that the person most likely began to use in order to cover up previous mental health issues. Instead of spewing hateful rhetoric, those personally unaffected by mental health issues should try to do more listening instead of talking. Addiction is not a choice.

FACT: Addiction is a disease.

Diseases often have a genetic component to them. Substance use is no different. There are also behavioral and environmental factors to consider when taking into account the disease of addiction. It is proven that there are changes that occur in the brain when someone becomes dependent on a substance. With the disease of addiction, the brain is chemically tainted and some parts of the brain shrink as a result. Behaviorally, the brain polices itself. If it believes that something is good for it, the reward system of the brain is stimulated. This reward builds habits, where the brain becomes reliant on the substance.

What is a choice, however, is recovery. Each morning, you must wake up and choose not to use, choose to rely on healthy coping skills, and choose yourself. You have the power to make the choice of recovery each and every day. Prioritize yourself. You cannot pick and choose which parts of recovery to follow and which parts to discard. Negotiating is absent in true recovery — you must dive in head first.

Dive in with us at Villa Tranquil Recovery. We want to help you make the conscious choice each and every day. Reach out to our experienced and talented staff. We want to help you choose recovery and choose yourself. Call 214-799-3080