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Recovery Teaches Women to Stop Bullying Each Other

Any girl who has been subjected to bullying from other girls is aware that in a world of sisterhood and solidarity, the unique female experience, there are lines that are drawn. The very same women who preach inclusivity, equality, and “girl power” find ways to power themselves over other women. Women consider themselves to be more womanly than other women, deciding what that means and acting as an authoritative figure in enforcing that unwritten law.

Women desperately need to support one another. When a woman chooses to go to a gender-specific treatment program or transitional living opportunity like the one offered at Villa Tranquil, she is in for a surprise. Through group therapy, interactive activities, and a policy of honesty, women learn to leave their social separations behind them. Seeing each other as equal in a common struggle, women learn to support one another in a way that transcends friendship. Alcoholism and addiction can be fatal. Suffering with addiction or alcoholism is a life-threatening experience. In recovery, more than any other time, women need to find a way to bring each other up with encouragement and hope. Going through the process of treatment is a shared experience. Within the treatment process is the sharing of experience. Though women in treatment may not have been a part of one another’s lives, they can all share the experience of being a woman, being an alcoholic, and/or being an addict.

Bullies are often built out of people who have been bullied. In most other contexts, bullying is a specific and unique experience. Most women experience a form of bullying in their life, from males or from other females. From childhood to adulthood, women are judged, compared, and evaluated, weighed for their worth as women. Bullying is an expression of frustration and anger, desperate to make someone else feel the pain a woman experiences inside. During the treatment process, pain has a safe, productive place to be expressed. Instead of taking pain out on others or the self, pain can be confronted and released.


Recovery holds promise of a better, tranquil life. Villa Tranquil welcomes women to explore our unique opportunity offered from our beautiful home in Jupiter Farms, Florida. A transitional living home, we continue the clinical structure of treatment while guiding women on their journey of transformation. Call us today for more information: 214-799-3080