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Recovery…The New Me

For many, addiction quickly becomes a part of your identity. You often associate with others that are doing drugs or abusing alcohol and are making many of the same life choices that you are at that time. The places you go, the things you do, and even your appearance all become inexplicably linked to your addiction. When you then make the decision to get clean and live a life of sobriety, many of the people, places, and events that you are familiar with are no longer a part of your life, at least not in the same context as they had been. When this happens, sometimes you lose your identity, or it becomes cloudy and unclear.

When you were drinking heavily, you had your drinking buddies, a lengthy list of bars where they knew you by name, and at worst, a bottle of your favorite whiskey waiting for you at home. Now, as you begin your recovery journey, those friends are no longer on speed dial, bars are out of the question, and sparkling water or your favorite soda has replaced your whiskey. You may find you have more time each day, as you aren’t dealing with hangovers or coming down from a high. You’re not preoccupied with when and where you’ll find your next hit or where you’ll get more liquor. This is likely a time when you are a bit of a blank slate. While this might seem a bit intimidating, it doesn’t need to be. This is an incredible opportunity to create the best version of you.

Take some time to consider your hobbies and your interests. What types of things do you enjoy? Are there sports or other physical activities that you now have time for and are physically more prepared to play? Make a list of things that you’ve always found interesting, but have never done. Look for opportunities to be social, among others with a focus on sobriety, or at least with a focus on something other than drugs and drinking. Maybe join a local sports team or a book club, volunteer for a cause that you support, or become a member of a club dedicated to a hobby of yours. Find new ways to be the person you’ve always wanted to be while bringing more meaning to your life and creating a circle of people that share in your interests. Don’t shy away from the new you; this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

If you or a loved one are standing on the edge of the most significant decision you can imagine, have faith in yourself and get the help you deserve. Call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction expert and begin your recovery journey today.