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Reducing Your Anxiety In One Week

Anxiety is a common thing that many people deal with. You don’t have to have an anxiety disorder to want to reduce your stress. Everyone can learn healthy ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Nerves can act up seemingly out of nowhere. In Prevention Guide, authors Brenza and Rockwood offer tips to help reduce anxiety. Read below for more information!

Day 1: Sleep

Sleep and anxiety are closely related. If your anxiety is acting up, you are probably sleeping less. Then you will have anxiety about sleeping less. This can be an endless cycle that is no fun. To combat this, try to get into a routine. Get a good night’s sleep when you’re feeling less anxious, so you have the habit of sleep already established.

Day 2: Calm your body

Practicing mindfulness can help you release some pent up anxiety. Practice deep breathing and let your tension release from your body. Physically give up the stress you’re feeling. Be mindful of what you’re doing. Be in the moment. Calm your mind and body.

Day 3: Walk

Getting a bit of exercise is a good way to release some negative energy. Walking around your neighborhood is a good way to up your activity level and release healthy neurotransmitters. Walking isn’t a strenuous activity, but it’s enough to help make you feel better. 

Day 4: Relax

Give yourself time to relax. You’ve already done three days’ worth of self-care, so allow yourself the time to relax. Let yourself feel bored for a while. Your schedule doesn’t have to be packed all the time. If you’re struggling with just being, you can try to journal, read, or do another calming activity. This can help you relax.

Day 5: Cope with your worries

Healthy coping skills can come in many different ways. Attending therapy is one way to discuss your stress with a professional. If you aren’t comfortable with attending therapy, write down what you are stressed about. If there isn’t any truth to your worries, let them go. 

Day 6: Food

Mental health is impacted by so many things, including what you eat. Eating specific foods can make you feel more anxious. Try reducing the fat you intake. This can lead to higher levels of anxiety. Eat healthier and you will feel healthier. 

Day 7: Commit to not knowing

Try to stay away from Google-searching everything you think and feel. You might begin to overreact when everything you find points to the thought that you are dying with a serious illness. Learn to accept the fact that you don’t have to know every little thing. This can decrease your stress in a big way.

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