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Rest Is Essential

Rest is an essential thing. No one can keep pushing through exhaustion and expect to get the results they got when they felt great. You need to know when your body is demanding rest. Don’t ignore this sign. At the end of a day, you must give yourself the rest you deserve and need. Rest is self-care. Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to go over the nine different types of rest that you should be practicing. Continue reading to find out more. 

  • A break from responsibility 

Daily responsibilities can be tiresome. Whether it be from work, home, or school, you have to take time to breathe at the end of the day. You should also take one day a week to relax and have a break from your many responsibilities. Your chores can wait until tomorrow. Self-care means taking a break.

  • Alone time at home

People can be exhausting, especially for introverts. Take a few minutes each day and a day during the week to spend time alone. This will help rejuvenate you and get you ready for your future social responsibilities.

  • Connection

Too much time alone isn’t good, either. It’s essential to make sure you have meaningful connection. This can be in the form of interacting with other people, exploring nature, or building your faith in a higher being. You can grab coffee with a friend, garden outside in the fresh air, or pray to fulfill your connection duties. 

  • Permission to be unhelpful

Being on-call all of the time isn’t healthy. You need to rest. You’re allowed to say no when someone asks you to do something. Carve out time to be unhelpful if you’re feeling extra stressed.

  • Safe space

Create a safe space for you to go to when you are feeling overwhelmed and like you need a break. This can be a spot in your room, in the bath, or anywhere you feel safe. 

  • Solitude

You’re allowed to take time for yourself and withdraw if you need to recharge your energy. Resting in solitude is a great way to build up your energy reservoir. 

  • Do something unproductive

Not everything you do has to be productive. Throw on a television show, a movie, doodle, or play a game. You’re allowed to be unproductive. This helps to give yourself time to rest.

  • Stillness to decompress

Introverts often need silence to decompress. You might find yourself feeling socially exhausted. Enjoy some time alone. You probably need it. 

  • Time away

Take some time away for a vacation if you can. If you can’t, turn your phone off and take a nap. Tell your loved ones that you’ll be unreachable for a while. Give yourself permission to take some time away from it all. 

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