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Safe Injection Sites

Already found in several other countries, safe injection sites are not currently legal in the United States. There are at least 13 proposed safe injection sites throughout the US working through the appropriate channels to receive approval. A safe injection site is a designated location where individuals can go to find sterile needles that they can use for their drugs. The facilities offer a variety of services and often have medical professionals standing by to assist if there are medical problems related to the drug use.

While highly controversial, believers in this concept rave of the ability to decrease overdoses from injectable drug use, minimize the spread of infectious diseases through shared needles and provide a safe environment for users. Individuals that shoot up on the street reported a vast number of issues with violence. Specifically, women claim to have experienced instances of sexual harassment, rape, and assault when shooting up in the streets.

Canada has many safe injection sites within their borders. The first of these sites opened its doors approximately 15 years ago, and since then they have grown in popularity. Research shows that the number of drug overdoses has declined sharply and the number of users that have sought treatment has significantly increased. They have also noticed a substantial decrease in used needles disposed of on streets and walkways. Canada is just one of many countries that have implemented safe injection sites.

Those against the concept of safe injection sites here in the United States fear that they remove accountability and consequence from users and their behavior. They feel it is acknowledging the issue and offering approval to some degree. Many feel the implementation of safe injection sites encourages drug use and sets a precedent that it is legal, even when it is still an illegal activity. There is also a concern that the precedent would create ambiguity among laws related to illicit activity.

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