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Safety in Numbers

Loneliness can magnify issues with addiction. Pain and ghosts from the past that led your way to drugs or alcohol can easily reemerge when you feel alone. In fact, this can be such a problem for those in the early stages of recovery and even later, that the buddy system is a common strategy for recovery.

One of the most harmful consequences of loneliness is the isolation it leaves in its wake. Separation often creates feelings of inadequacy, meaninglessness, and depression. Isolation can increase feelings of sadness and anxiety. When you feel as though no one else understands what you are going through and no one can relate, the situation becomes less manageable and more desperate. Instances of relapse, self-harm, and even suicide are more frequent among those dealing with addiction alone. This can be a difficult time in your life, and you don’t need to do it alone.

Many treatment plans and recovery services offer sober buddies. This is a concept where two people in recovery commit to supporting one another through both the bad times and the good. When things are tough, sober buddies provide comfort, motivation, and guidance. When things are good, they provide comradery and companionship. Your sober buddy might be the one you attend certain social events with that may provide temptation or pressure to use drugs or abuse alcohol. Your sober buddy might be someone you can call when you feel like you aren’t strong enough to beat your addiction.

Accountability partners are another great way to stay in touch with someone. This is a person designated to you to whom you provide regular updates. They help you deal with difficult decisions, offer support and guidance, and keep you responsible for your own actions and behaviors. After all, it is your recovery, and it is your life; you need to be accountable for yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself is a huge part of a successful recovery.

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