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Science Finally Validates Women All Around The World: Menstrual Cramps Are Painful

Women didn’t need to be told that the gut-wrenching, stomach-clenching, heating-pad-snuggling, reliable yet always shocking pain caused by their menstrual cycles are actually painful. “Periods” are shunned and shamed in mainstream society because they make people uncomfortable. No people could be more uncomfortable with a period than the women who get them and have to experience the cramps which come with them. In addition women experience changes in mood, energy, appetite, and weight all as a result of changes in hormone production. This doesn’t happen every so often. For most women it happens every month, like clockwork, until she experiences menopause and her period no longer returns.

Quartz wrote an article in 2016 in which a professor of reproductive health from London publicly noted that his patients suffering from menstrual cramps compared their pain to a heart attack. Major publications brought this article to light again in January of 2018, leading women everywhere to gladly recognize that science is catching up to what has been a plain fact for centuries. Pain caused by period cramps is called Dysmenorrhea, according to Romper. The pain level might be similar but the symptoms and repetition are not. Heart attacks shouldn’t happen and don’t happen to the same person often. Period cramps are a guaranteed experience every four weeks for women and the symptoms can be more intense than pain in the chest. For women in recovery, the recurring pain can be exhausting and frustrating, but pose a peculiar opportunity for practicing s golden rule of recovery: acceptance.

Acceptance is the difference between serenity and stress. Women know that their period will come and with it all of the cramps and additional symptoms. Instead of being caught off guard, overwhelmed, and stressed, women accept that this is part of their life and execute plans of self care to cope.

Menstrual cramps affect more than the ovaries. Cramps can be so severe that they cause pain which extends to the abdomen, the lower back, the thighs, in every crevice of the hips, and down the legs. Some women experience cramps which cause them to double over in pain. Constipation or diarrhea, headache and nausea, tender breasts and exhaustion can all accompany the pain as well.

Women who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction learn how to cope with their monthly menstrual cycles without turning to harmful substances for relief. Taking over the counter medications in a responsible manner is recommended and embraced for pain management. However, pain can trigger the desire for more potent pain relief like that provided by narcotic drugs, alcohol, or other substances. It may seem irrational to anyone who hasn’t lived with addiction that a woman might crave meth over Midol, for example. Depending on a woman’s drug of choice, her cravings will vary. It is important to note that a woman’s cravings during her period also depends on her recovery. Living in acceptance helps women recognize that addictive substances are no longer the solution in their lives.

Dealing with the mental, emotional, and physical changes can be triggering and difficult. Being present with the pain, the uniqueness of being a woman, and the gift of being able to produce life is an experience exclusive to women only. Women in recovery are able to live in every moment of their lives clean, sober, and present.

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