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Resume Building / Career Counseling

It’s hard enough to find a job in today’s market, but when you’re going through recovery, it can be even more complicated. Your resume may have a few holes from when your addiction got the best of you and made it impossible to continue working. You might want to start a new career – one that is less stressful than before, or one that allows you time to attend meetings or therapy.

At Villa Tranquil, we offer assistance to our residents who are ready to step back into the workforce, but aren’t sure where to start. We can guide you through the process so that the transition into new employment is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Some of the topics that we address are:

  • Building/Updating your Resume
  • The Best Employment Resources
  • Maximizing your Marketability
  • Interview Preparation

Our resume building and career counseling coaches will help you gain the assurance you need to confidently re-enter the job market. We will provide you with the skills you need to deal with some of the curve balls life can throw at you while still staying true to yourself and your path to recovery.

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