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Anxiety Counseling

Stress, worry, paranoia, panic — no matter what form your anxiety takes, it can be distracting at best and debilitating at worst. Anxiety fills your mind with buzzing, unwanted thoughts that can make you doubt yourself, your surroundings and those close to you. You can feel as though you’ve lost control of your mind and your body, and you may turn to drugs and alcohol to quiet your racing thoughts. But using substances to calm your nerves is a slippery slope. In the long run, and in cases of adverse reactions or excessive use, drugs and alcohol can make your anxiety worse and unmanageable. You may become dependent on a substance to feel calm, leading to substance abuse and addiction.

Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety disorders include general anxiety, PTSD, phobias, social anxiety and panic attacks. Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol is a common attempted solution to many of these — forgetting a trauma, easing nerves in social situations or staving off an irrational fear all seem like easy outcomes of using substances that instantly make you feel happy or less tense. But the chemical effects of drugs and alcohol often lead to a loop of mood swings that can actually make your anxiety worse. After the calming effects wear off, your anxiety will be back in full force and will perhaps feel even worse as intrusive thoughts come flooding back. It is easy to see how this can lead to a dependency on a substance to help you feel better whenever you feel the need or urge.

Treating Co-Occurring Anxiety and Addiction

When you struggle with anxiety and addiction at the same time, finding the right way to manage both can feel impossible. But at Villa Tranquil, we know that there are ways you can learn to take control of your anxiety without the help of substances. We find that many of our clients can even avoid anti-anxiety medications, particularly after their freedom from the mental effects of addiction allows them to find inner peace and clarity. Mindfulness, meditation and stress management techniques may sound like they aren’t enough, but research shows that the symptoms of anxiety do improve with therapies based on these practices. These methods are also much more sustainable and healthy for your whole body than the use of substances to ease your anxiety. Meditation, in particular, is a well-researched method of reducing stress and anxiety. In the moment, meditation teaches you how to quiet your mind, reflect on your stressors and soothe your worries. And in the long run, studies have shown that it can actually change the way your brain works: meditation can reduce overactivity in your “fight or flight” stressor systems, and lower the amount of activity in a part of the brain that causes anxiety-inducing self-focus.

Anxiety Support at Villa Tranquil

Villa Tranquil is committed to holistic healing — we treat your mind, body and spirit through our women’s counseling and therapy programs. This means that our therapies are intended to address your mental health in ways that build your spirituality and aren’t damaging to you physically. We focus on creating a peaceful, reflective environment where our clients — especially those with co-occurring anxiety and addiction — can feel calm and in control. A few of our services aimed at helping you manage your anxiety include:

  • Daily meditation sessions
  • One-on-one and group therapy resources
  • 24/7 staff
  • Stress management workshops
  • Time management education
  • Support groups

We give you the tools to stay in recovery even after your time with us. It’s important to us that the skills you learn at Villa Tranquil are skills you can use for the rest of your life — we want you to feel in control of your anxiety and ready to live substance-free. Our recovery facility provides a safe place for you to learn the best ways to manage your stress and anxiety.

Contact Villa Tranquil

Villa Tranquil provides addiction treatment programs for women ages 18 to 65 at our beautiful Jupiter Farms, Florida facility. We offer services and amenities that make your stay with us a reflective time of personal exploration and recovery, and we are equipped to support women who struggle with a dual diagnosis of addiction and an accompanying mental health disorder. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and anxiety, call us today at 866-697-7573 to find out if our programs are right for you.