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Depression Counseling

At Villa Tranquil, we believe that recovering from addiction is only possible when you commit to holistic healing. Addiction digs deep into your mind, body and spirit; its effects can be felt down to a molecular level, taking a toll on everything from your nutrient absorption to your happiness. Drugs and alcohol interrupt the way your brain processes chemicals vital to pleasure, memory retention, sleep cycles and fight or flight responses, among others. Some substances temporarily boost your mood, but leave you feeling drained when the effects wear off. Others dampen your senses and block nervous responses that control anxiety and emotions. In all cases of substance abuse, your body gets used to working with drugs or alcohol, disrupting the delicate balance of the way your brain functions naturally.

Depression and Addiction

Because of this, depression commonly accompanies addiction. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry estimates that as many as one-third of people suffering from addiction also struggle with depression. For some, depression develops due to the mental damage of substance abuse. For others, depression leads to substance abuse and becomes worse as addiction progresses. When addiction and depression are co-occurring, providing support for both goes a long way towards your healing. Exploring the deep causes and effects of your addiction helps you understand your struggle and find the best way to overcome your challenges. We often find that treating depression can lessen the grip of addiction, and treating addiction can lessen the symptoms of depression. Providing dual support for those suffering from addiction and depression is not only effective but is necessary to make sure you are prepared to return to sober living without the cloud of depression hanging over you.

Overcoming Depression in the Presence of Addiction

Treating co-occurring depression and addiction can seem daunting, especially when your goal is to focus on living substance-free. It is easy to turn to drugs — even responsibly-prescribed antidepressants — to help you feel better, but in many cases, these are not a permanent solution and can easily be harmful if you learn to rely on them. At Villa Tranquil, we focus on sustainable solutions. We want you to leave our program with everything you need to live a successful, substance-free life without relapse. Our women’s therapy programs can help you find the best tools to manage your depression without forming a dependence on substances, whether you’re looking for someone to talk to or hobbies and activities to keep you happy and occupied.

Depression Support at Villa Tranquil

At Villa Tranquil, your mental health is at the forefront of our treatments. Our women’s counseling includes support for treating depression, from one-on-one talk therapy to interactive workshops. Our expert staff is here for you during your recovery, on your best days and your worst. Although we are an addiction recovery facility, our goal is to heal everything you are hurting from, not just your addiction. Our resources to help you talk about and manage your depression include:

  • 24/7 staff
  • Meditation
  • One-on-one and group therapy resources
  • Support groups
  • Hobby-building activities and trips
  • Diet and nutrition counseling

Every client who enters our program has a different story and different needs. We understand that your depression and the best way for you to overcome it will be unique. We put the focus on you by providing you with opportunities to explore yourself on a sincere and honest level and to find out what works for you.

Contact Villa Tranquil

At our peaceful Jupiter Farms, Florida facility, we offer addiction treatment and transitional living for women ages 18 to 65. Our programs are designed to provide support for women with co-occurring health concerns including eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders and anxiety and depression. We combine the effectiveness of the 12 Step program with a focus on holistic healing and mindfulness, and we aim to provide our clients with the tools they need to find recovery without relapse. If you or your loved one is fighting a dual diagnosis of addiction and depression, call us today at 866-697-7573 to find out if our program is right for you.