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Eating Disorder Support

Addiction often appears alongside other mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, eating disorders are closely tied to addiction: studies show up to 50 percent of individuals suffering from eating disorders are also struggling with substance abuse. And, since women struggle with eating disorders at a rate of nearly ten times that of men, we are particularly sensitive to the treatment of clients with eating disorders here in Jupiter, Florida at Villa Tranquil.

Addiction and Eating Disorders

There are many different types of eating disorders, but the main qualifier for an eating disorder is that a person exhibits a compulsive, uncontrollable reaction or behavior toward their food or eating habits. By defining an eating disorder as a compulsive behavior, it is easy to see the link to addiction. Substance abuse due to addiction is also a compulsive behavior; an addicted person abuses drugs or alcohol in a way that is often uncontrollable. Additionally, eating disorders can develop due to low self-esteem, depression or anxiety; all of these mental health concerns are also associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal. And, the emotional toll of an eating disorder can be complicated: the frustration and shame of dealing with a harmful relationship to food can lead to abusing drugs or alcohol as an escape. The relationship between eating disorders and substance abuse can be a vicious circle.

Healthy Eating During Recovery

To add to this, remembering to eat regular meals and healthy foods can be the last thing on your mind as you transition into recovery. You’re working on navigating a whole new way of life without a substance to fall back on — these are difficult times, and your mind and body will be adjusting to your new substance-free life. At Villa Tranquil, we are proud to offer in-house amenities to make sure we meet your nutritional needs during your recovery and to teach you how to maintain a healthy diet when you transition back into daily life outside our walls.

When it comes to addiction, your nutrition is even more than just a healthy habit. The food and nutrients you put in your body can affect your mood, your energy levels and your susceptibility to other mental and physical health concerns. Eating well can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost your immune system and help you keep a positive attitude. Because we focus on healing the mind, body and spirit, your physical health is just as important to us as your mental well-being. We make sure our residents get the right nutrients in the first days of recovery, and we give them the tools to maintain a nutritional diet throughout their recovery in Jupiter and beyond.

Eating Disorder Treatment & Nutritional Counseling

At Villa Tranquil, we focus on holistically healing the mind, spirit and body. By ensuring nutritious diets and plenty of exercise during recovery, we can work to replace the harmful habits of addiction and eating disorders with healthy ones. We want to make sure you leave our program as a wholly healthy person, and that includes overcoming malnutrition or an eating disorder alongside your addiction. Among other amenities, we offer:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • In-house meal preparation by a private chef
  • Grocery shopping tailored to clients’ needs
  • On-staff dieticians to assist with meal planning skills
  • Organized physical activities to encourage healthy habits

With these tools, we can help you find a nutritious diet that works for you, teach you how to prepare and plan nutritious meals and instill an appreciation of healthy foods. We know that when you feel good about your body, you can face life’s other challenges with a stronger sense of self-confidence.

Contact Villa Tranquil

Signs of eating disorders and malnutrition can be difficult to detect, especially in the presence of addiction. Sudden, drastic weight loss; irritability; physical illness and low energy levels can indicate a drug or alcohol dependency but can also be associated with poor dietary practices. If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from a co-occurring addiction and eating disorder, contact Villa Tranquil today at 866-697-7573. Our Jupiter staff is available to provide more information on our services and how we can help.