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Long-Term Therapy

Villa Tranquil is a women’s transitional living center, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t dedicated to the recovery of women who aren’t our residents. We partner closely with external counselors and therapists to provide recovery treatment for women who have left Villa Tranquil and returned to their daily lives. When you choose addiction treatment with Villa Tranquil, you can feel confident that you’ll be given all the help you need to find recovery without relapse. We know that recovery isn’t a one-time “cure” — it’s a lifelong choice you make and maintain. Your recovery does not end when you leave our program, and neither does our support: we provide all the right resources you need to find the same sense of support and community both within our walls and without.

Consistent Counseling

There is a reason that talk therapy and behavioral counseling are the most common types of treatment for addiction — it’s because they work. Studies show that effective treatments for drug and alcohol addiction are individualized, adaptable and ongoing. While medications can also be effective in many cases, nothing can replace a relationship with a therapist who knows your story and can help you whenever times get tough. Long-term therapy can change with you as you grow as a person, and your therapist works with you to make sure you are getting the assistance you need no matter where you are on your recovery journey.

Building a long-term support system is crucial to your recovery, and a counselor should always be part of this network. During your time at Villa Tranquil, we can help you find a therapist near your home that you feel comfortable talking with on a regular basis. We encourage the women in our programs to find consistency in their lives after treatment, because healthy patterns and habits like regular therapy sessions can keep you on track in recovery and sobriety.

Therapy Options and Resources

Our off-site counseling programs include both individual and group therapy so you can choose where you feel most comfortable. You can also choose to attend both types of counseling or find a combination that works for your needs and schedule. In the long run, you may find that an individual relationship with a therapist can allow you to work through difficult emotions that are hard to discuss with others, while group therapy will help you feel like you are not alone on your recovery journey.

Whatever benefits you find in either kind of therapy, Villa Tranquil is dedicated to making sure you have the resources you need to continue seeing a therapist after your treatment with us. We are committed to supporting the women who come through our programs by teaching them long-term skills to manage their addiction in everyday life, and this includes working with a counselor to stay substance-free. Before you leave Villa Tranquil, we can make sure your next individual or group sessions with a trusted counselor are scheduled and that you have appropriate means of getting to your appointments.

Relapse Prevention and Coping Skills

The goal of long-term therapy is to make sure that you have a place to turn when you encounter obstacles to sobriety in your life. Whether a difficult week at work left you frustrated or running into an acquaintance from your days of active addiction brought back hurtful memories, your counselor will be there to help you work through it so that you don’t feel a need to seek drugs or alcohol to feel better.

Your therapist also helps you develop the skills you need to overcome daily hurdles that may come up: sudden cravings, mood swings or momentary conflicts can happen at any time. You can learn to handle these small crises on your own by working with your therapist to find how you respond to coping tactics. Taking a few minutes to meditate, using a safeword with loved ones when you need to pause a situation or finding a “safe space” in your workplace to calm down are examples of small things you can work on in long-term therapy.