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Vocational Support and Financial Management

It’s hard enough to find a job in today’s market, but when you’re going through recovery, it can be even more complicated. It’s common for people to leave treatment programs with a few holes on their résumé due to abrupt career moves or patches of unemployment. You may also want to use your new lease on life to try a new career; whether it’s taking steps toward a change you dreamed of before your addiction, or whether you are looking for a less stressful change of pace. At Villa Tranquil, we offer assistance to our residents who are ready to step back into the workforce. We also have resources available to help you complete your education and to manage a personal or household budget. We can guide you through your transition into employment, education or day-to-day life to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Career Counseling and Job Coaching

We are committed to providing you with a recovery experience that won’t end when you leave our facility. Through our counseling programs, we can give you the tools you need for a sustainable recovery that you can manage and maintain for the rest of your life. For many of the women we treat, employment or a career are necessary components of a lifelong recovery. Whether financial reasons require you to have a job or you are personally driven to succeed in your workplace, Villa Tranquil is prepared to help you find work when you leave our program.

Our women’s counseling and therapy include vocational and career counseling to help you find a job that fits your skills and talents and to prepare you to apply and interview for positions in your field. We host educational sessions on topics like résumé building, marketing yourself and best interview practices. We can also work one-on-one with you to prepare for interviews, and in some cases can provide transportation.

We also offer executive functioning coaching: counseling geared toward helping you develop the practical expertise you need to excel in your workplace. During these sessions you can learn about task management, focusing and attention tactics, appropriate office boundaries and skill retention. Finding a job relies on what you learn in our career counseling programs, but keeping your job requires cognitive and interpersonal skills that you can develop with executive functioning coaching.

Educational Support

If you are not yet ready to work because you feel that your education is incomplete, the staff at Villa Tranquil is here to help. We can support you in earning your G.E.D., applying to colleges or enrolling in technical courses or an extension school. We can also help you find financial resources like scholarships or aid applications, and our executive functioning coaching can be applied to scholarly pursuits as well as careers. We encourage the women in our programs to set goals for themselves when they are ready to leave Villa Tranquil, and we are here to provide any assistance that we can in helping achieve them. Your successful recovery is our priority and we are prepared to work with you to make a successful sober life a reality for you.

Financial Management

Whether you leave our program with plans for employment or not, managing your finances is a necessary life skill that we teach you through various counseling sessions and workshops. Budgeting is a task often distant or unfamiliar to those recovering from addiction — money matters easily fall to the wayside when your finances are controlled by compulsions toward drugs or alcohol. It is a sobering moment for many women when they realize how much of their income their addiction was taking away from them, but with financial management skills, you can learn how to put that income to good use for the benefit of your family, long-term savings or healthy hobbies. In our programs, you can learn how to develop budgets, set financial goals or stick to spending limits — all tactics that can help sustain your recovery for the rest of your life.