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Healthy Eating

While many rehab centers treat the underlying causes of addiction, many don’t address the “whole body” aspect of recovery. At Villa Tranquil, we focus on holistic recovery – emotional, mental and spiritual health – and that includes nourishing your physical body.

When you are going through your first month or so of rehab, you’re not focused on what you’re eating. You’re just trying to figure out how to navigate a whole new way of life without a substance to fall back on. When you come to Villa Tranquil, we help you take the next steps toward rejoining your life and your family. This includes giving you the tools for success in your daily life, and making sure you are caring for yourself and your needs. This means learning about healthy eating, and why it is a vital part of recovery in more ways than you might think.

There are tons of studies that talk about the connection between a healthy diet and the way you feel physically. Some foods cause your blood sugar levels to rise and fall erratically, and that affects your mood and your energy. When you’re a recovering addict, this can mimic your addictive feelings and possibly trigger a relapse. Depending on your addiction and how long you struggled before getting help, you may also be suffering from malnutrition. Oftentimes, addicts forget to eat, or eat poorly, causing their body to be malnourished. Additionally, certain substances can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, causing a host of physical symptoms, including anxiety and immune system weakness.

It’s tough enough to fight addiction, so why not utilize every possible avenue of recovery? Let us show you how a healthy diet can help you as you recover from addiction, so that you can enjoy the lifelong benefits of a strong body and mind.