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At Villa Tranquil, our treatment utilizes a variety of methods based on the principles of the 12 Step program. When you’re recovering from addiction, one of the keys to success is structure. Without structure, addicts tend to fall back on previous destructive behaviors, resulting in a relapse. 12 step programs offer the support and feeling of community that addicts need – it’s so much easier to keep putting one foot in front of the other when you have someone beside you that understands what you’re going through, and can walk the path to recovery with you.

We use the 12 step programs because they have been time-tested and proven to help addicts overcome their addictions. Nearly 5 million people participate in a 12 step program annually, so chances are, there is at least one meeting near where you live. If not, there is now the option to attend a virtual meeting online. 12 step programs address a wide range of addictions, and offer mentorship, support, and total confidentiality. There are auxiliary groups available for friends and family members to attend so that they too can receive support and learn how to better help you on your journey.

When you stay with us at Villa Tranquil, you will have ample opportunities to both learn the 12 steps and put them into practice. Our focus on healing through the 12 step programs will help you to discover how each step can relate to your unique situation and serve as a cornerstone for a successful recovery.

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