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Sober Living Program

Recovering from an addiction is often best accomplished by spending some time away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life, not to mention in a place where your access to the subject of your addiction is limited. For these reasons, many of those in recovery choose to seek treatment at residential facilities, transitional living centers or sober living spaces. Villa Tranquil is all three of these — we provide a place for women in recovery from addiction to find a home and a community while they heal. Our peaceful, substance-free property in Jupiter Farms, Florida is built to provide all the amenities and comforts of home while helping you transition from addiction or detox into a productive sober lifestyle.

Sober Living for Women

Villa Tranquil welcomes women between the ages of 18 and 65 into our programs. We know that women often face particular challenges during recovery that are best addressed in a single-gender safe space. The social pressures placed on women are intense, and the weight of these expectations on women as partners, mothers and role models lies heavy on even the strongest of shoulders. Victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse or trauma are more often female, and the emotional effect of events like these are a common reason addictions first develop. Addiction and eating disorders create another common dual diagnosis that is more likely to affect women than men. Women’s mental health concerns are their own category, and we believe it is necessary to treat them with care and specificity. By providing an environment in Jupiter where women feel safe and comfortable talking about their traumas and insecurities, Villa Tranquil strives to heal addiction and whatever else may be ailing you.

Our Holistic Approach

Addiction is a diagnosable mental disorder that also wreaks havoc on your physical health and your spiritual well-being. The effects of substance abuse on the brain and body are thoroughly researched — it is clear that drugs and alcohol increase your risk of malnutrition and several diseases, and that they alter your brain chemistry in ways that often need to be medically or therapeutically managed for life. On top of this, addiction causes you to lose sight of your human purpose and priorities, diminishing core spiritual qualities like faith, empathy and compassion.

At Villa Tranquil, we approach addiction treatment holistically. In other words, we treat you as a whole person rather than just a medical case. We provide relief for the mind, body and spirit during your recovery, through women’s therapy programs, nutritional counseling and meditation and spiritual services. It’s essential that your sobriety is holistic, too — every aspect of you must be free from dependence on a substance before you can expect to live a successful substance-free life. Long-term recovery matters to us; our goal is to give you the resources to lead a happy and productive sober life beyond our walls, not just to help you get clean and move on.

Resources and Tools for a Substance-Free Life

To ensure that you find recovery without relapse, we emphasize our role as a women’s transitional living community as well as an addiction treatment center. The difference is that we help the women in our programs find ways to become productive members of society as well as sober members of society — we don’t just heal your addiction, we also make sure that you can thrive in your recovery. This means teaching you the best ways to manage your addiction in your day-to-day life, helping you learn basic skills to care for yourself and providing you with resources to contribute to your workplace, your school or your home.

Our transitional living programs include career counseling, socialization activities, financial management courses and independent living skill workshops. We are equipped to help you build your résumé, find financial aid resources, learn appropriate workplace boundaries, maintain a budget, plan and prepare meals and so much more. Addiction can lead you to forget many of these skills or prevent you from having the time to learn them in the first place. Earning your independence in recovery can give you the confidence you need to face life substance-free and prevent relapse through healthy habits and hobbies.

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Our programs are designed to adapt to the individual experiences of every woman who seeks treatment with us. We know that everyone’s journey to recovery and sober living is different, and it is our goal to pinpoint your unique challenges and give you the tools you need to surpass them. If you or a loved one are in need of recovery from addiction in a place where they will find support, encouragement and community, Villa Tranquil in Jupiter, FL may be a good fit for your needs. Contact us today at 214-799-3080 to learn more about our programs and admissions policies.

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