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Sex Addiction from a Woman’s Perspective

Sex addiction is most commonly thought of as something that men deal with, not women. For women, sex addiction is quite taboo. However, experts say that there are nearly as many women dealing with sex addiction as men. The difference is that women don’t generally seek treatment for this and they aren’t as likely to talk about it. For men, when they are thought to have too much sex or have too many partners, they are merely said to be a lady’s man or a player. Neither of these labels carry much negativity if any at all. Women, on the other hand, are said to be tramps, whores, or sluts if they have too many partners or are outspoken about their enjoyment of sex. This age-old double standard is still alive and well in our society.

It is commonly thought that if a woman has a sex addiction, it is because she was sexually abused as a child or was the victim of a sexual assault at some point in her life. This is not the case. Sexual addictions can stem from any number of situations, many of which involve no past trauma. Often this type of addiction is related to control. When women feel they have no control in their lives, sexual addiction can develop to give the woman a sense of power and control over something in her life. Sometimes, women associate their sexual feelings with shame. When that becomes the case, an obsession with creating that shameful feeling can lead to an addiction to promiscuous behavior. In these situations, it is often dangerous, risky sexual behavior that becomes the focus of the obsession. The individual may seek out abusive sexual relationships, put themselves in situations which may lead to sexual assault, or practice unsafe sex with many partners as a source of adrenaline.

While an individual dealing with sexual addiction may not outwardly show signs of addiction as with alcohol or drugs, the addiction is equally as dangerous and must be dealt with immediately. If you or a loved one is dealing with sex addiction, take the first step and recognize there is a problem. Get the help you need and deserve.

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