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Signs Of A Relapse

Dealing with an addiction in recovery is a daily battle that you must consciously choose to fight each and every day. One day might be a struggle, while the next day may slightly easier. Either way, you must make the decision to fight it. One thing that makes dealing with you addiction easier is knowing the warning signs of a relapse. There are things you can look out for before the relapse becomes full-blown. Knowing your triggers also helps you to be able to avoid them. Avoiding triggers helps to avoid relapses.

Relapse can be broken down into three stages. A relapse may seem like a sudden event, however it is more of a slow process that occurs over time. These three stages of a relapse are emotional, mental, and physical.

Emotional relapse usually comes first. You may be experiencing feelings of sadness or anger, or feeling more anxious than you usually are. You may also be feeling a bit more lackadaisical in your daily goal toward recovery. When the emotional relapse begins to occur, you may not be privy to realizing that you are slipping back into old patterns. Knowing these warning signs will help you nip it in the bud.

Mental relapse is the second stage of the relapse process. This stage is usually described as a back and forth kind of “tug-of-war,” because one part of you wants to use, but the other part of you knows you should keep choosing recovery. Along with this mental relapse comes explicit thoughts of using. These are hard to ignore, so it is best to realize they are happening so you can put a stop to them early on.

Lastly, the physical relapse is the last stage in the relapse process. This is usually the stage that is thought of the most when hearing about a relapse. Once you have gone back to old habits and used, you have entered into a physical relapse. Once you have noticed, you must seek treatment immediately. This will give you the best chance to get back on the road to recovery.

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