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Signs of Depression Women Might Be Missing

Depression is a symptom of early recovery. Through the first year, symptoms of depression can come and go in a woman’s journey of sobriety.

She loses enjoyment in things she used to enjoy

A hallmark symptom of depression is losing interest in what used to be interesting. Women who suddenly lose their luster for life usually do so in the most obvious areas. Hobbies, passion projects, sports, daily routine activities, and other small enjoyments might seem trivial. To the woman who is struggling with depression, these are the small things that make up a large part of her life altogether. When there is a loss of interest in greater areas like going to work, or taking care of children, there is extra reason to be concerned.

She seems edgier than normal

All people have a tendency to have a rough edge about them now and again. One of the stigmatizing characterizations women face is the ideal of a gracious and casual demeanor. Women aren’t supposed to be edgy. When a woman starts displaying constantly edgy behavior, it usually means her emotions are at a boiling point. Depression is commonly illustrated as lethargic and sad. Other emotions can come flowing to the surface. Her edginess is a protection against emotionally falling apart.

She isn’t sleeping regularly

Depression can cause a lack of sleep due to looping thoughts and an excess of sleep due to fatigue and exhaustion. Women who usually have a well defined sleep schedule who start sleeping well outside of that sleep schedule could be displaying symptoms of depression. Irregular sleep cycles can further affect mood and demeanor.

She gets lost in activities that are easy to get lost in

Feeling unable and unwilling to participate in the rest of the world, a woman who is depressed might find herself lost in activities which aren’t productive. Social media, television, and other mind-numbing activities might take up most of her time as she avoids coping with her overwhelming emotions.

She’s eating differently

Depression affects the hormones, which have a part in regulating hunger. Typically in depression, women are more hungry or less hungry. If a woman typically maintains a strict diet, she might be straying far outside of that diet consistently. If a woman does not typically maintain any kind of distinct diet, she may suddenly seem concerned with adhering to a disciplined diet.


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