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Simple Things That Make a Big Difference

Researchers are always learning more about the causes of mental illnesses and addictions and how to treat them in a safe and healthy way. Progress is always being made, which is why it’s important to keep up with new things that come out about mental illnesses and addictions. Continue reading to learn more about a few simple things that can make a big difference.


There is more and more evidence that comes out about how crucial sunlight is in treating depression. Much of this research is based on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a depression that comes around during the winter months when days get shorter, more darkness is frequent, and we spend more time indoors.

For the treatment of seasonal affective disorder, many people have found benefits from lightboxes that shine in the frequency of natural sunlight, says Alice Park, writer for TIME Magazine.

Blood Pressure Medication

“Hypertension and depression may share some important biological pathways,” says Park. A study suggests that people who take a certain type of blood pressure medication for high blood pressure report better moods than people with high blood pressure who do not take this particular medication. There seems to be an overlap of blood pressure medications and mood, she says.

Omega-3 Supplements

Many people, about 8% of American adults, take some sort of omega-3 fatty acid supplement, reports Markham Heid, writer for TIME Magazine. There is a lot of research that points to a positive impact from taking omega-3 supplements and brain health. Specifically, cognitive functions increase when someone takes this type of supplement.

Green Spaces

Much like sunlight, spending time outdoors in green spaces has proven to increase a person’s mental health. Cleaning up spaces and turning them into community gardens have given those struggling with mental illness a sense of connection and purpose. There’s something special about green spaces, says Jamie Ducharme, writer for TIME Magazine.


Forgiving yourself, and others, works wonders for mental health, too. The stress of holding onto grudges takes a toll on our mind and body. Forgiving yourself for things out of your control is just as important as forgiving others who have done you wrong. Forgiving and letting go of bad connections lessens stress and helps people feel better, says Alexandra Sifferlin, writer for TIME Magazine.

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