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Sleep: How to Get a Restful Night’s Sleep

Getting enough restful sleep can be a difficult thing to achieve when we have a busy schedule. However, we must carve out time dedicated to rest and sleep in order to ensure efficient and effective functioning throughout our days. Sleep is delicate. Here are a few tips from Wellness Journal magazine to help you get a deep and restful night’s sleep:

  • Use a visualization: Visualizing yourself getting rest can help you to actually experience the restful night’s sleep you desire. When you are imagining something, “your body produces the same physiological response as if you were actually experiencing it.” If you focus on something you are nervous about, your body will react with mental and physical manifestations of anxiety. Likewise, if you are imagining your body resting peacefully, you will be better able to drift off to sleep.
  • Label your thoughts: If you are struggling with a persistent and negative thought, try to give it a name. That way, when it returns to your mental awareness, you can greet it by name and let it go. “The aim is to distance yourself from your thoughts, and to deflate their emotional power by responding to them in a more positive way.”
  • Change your story: Typically, when we aren’t getting enough restful sleep, we often find ourselves complaining to others about how little sleep we have been getting and how tired we are as a result. Instead of telling people how poorly you slept or talking about your insomnia, tell people that you are working on getting a better night’s sleep. Constant negative talk about sleep trains your brain into believing that sleeping is a difficult task. “Instead, focus on the times you’ve slept well.”

Sleep Routines Can Work Wonders

Getting into a routine can be beneficial for so many things, including sleep. Healthy sleeping routines can involve turning your phone off two hours before you intend to sleep, reading a book before bed, or having a cup of tea prior to getting into bed. These things are calming and can remind your brain and body that it’s time to rest. Routines take practice, but they are worth the effort. Soon, you’ll be sleeping better than ever.

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