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Small Steps Toward Habits, Intentions, and Goals

Taking small steps toward your larger goals includes creating habits and setting intentions. These small steps, coupled with a sense of calm, can help you reach heights you never thought were possible. You can’t rush toward your goals; goals take time and effort to achieve. Villa Tranquil Recovery encourages you to slow down and enjoy the ride of working hard to complete a goal, step-by-step.

Slow Down

Slowing down can be a difficult thing for a lot of people. As a society, we are so used to doing everything quickly and expecting results just as quickly. It’s important to remember that good things take time. You can’t rush recovery. You must slow things down and work on making changes to your lifestyle by accepting new challenges. This mindset is adapted from a Japanese one, Kaizen, says Sarah Harvey, author of “Slowly but surely” for In The Moment magazine.

“Kaizen” means “good change” or “improvement,” says Harvey. “It’s not about change for change’s sake, but about identifying particular goals — both short-term and long-term — and then making small, manageable steps to achieve those goals.” It isn’t about the large, dramatic changes; it’s all about the small ones that lay a foundation to good habits and intentions.

Take an Inventory

So, how can you work on embracing what is in your control and making simple changes that can make a big difference? You can start by taking an inventory, Harvey says. “The idea is to make an honest assessment of your habits to eventually form a ‘life plan’ of goals and challenges.” Although this may be overwhelming at first, you can break down this inventory into different, smaller parts, such as health, career, and relationships.

Look beyond the surface level things that will stand out to you when thinking about your goals and challenges in each area. How can you fix the areas of your recovery that you are unhappy with? How can you better the areas of your recovery that you are happy with?

Making the Change

Once you’ve made an inventory, it’s time to be honest with yourself. How can you complete these tasks that you’ve set forth? What’s standing in your way? Develop a plan for things you can take on so that you can work toward achieving your goals.

Brainstorm your plan, then prioritize your intentions so that you can work toward your goals. Don’t forget to set a time frame so that your goals feel like they are within reach. Once you have made the changes, reward yourself! You deserve something to feel good about.

If recovery from substance use is what you want to achieve, Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you take small steps toward your habits, intentions, and goals. Call us today at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to hear from you!