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Sober Parenting

Addiction can be detrimental to a family. This is even more worrisome when the person dealing directly with the addiction is a parent. Addiction can cause the children to feel higher than healthy levels of anxiety and stress. Things like homework, school functions, and even daily interaction can seem daunting to a child whose parent is actively dealing with addiction.

When a parent is dealing with addiction, they often have mood swings or irrational behavior that can leave the kids feeling insecure and uneasy, never knowing what to expect from their parents. Parents dealing with addiction can sometimes lack dependability and consistency which causes kids to feel unsafe and nervous. Kids generally thrive with structure and security, things that many parents dealing with addiction are unable to control.

When one or both parents are dealing with addiction, children are commonly left to fend for themselves. They have the additional burden of preparing their own meals or even looking after younger brothers and sisters. It isn’t unusual for the eldest child in this type of situation to take on parenting duties such as helping siblings with homework, making sure everyone has clean laundry and making sure everyone gets to school on time. The responsibility that sometimes falls on the shoulders of children in these families is enough to make anyone resentful and bitter. Children weren’t meant to carry such a heavy burden.

For children, addiction in the family can also cause anger and resentment. They may feel the parent has chosen the drugs or alcohol and put their addiction above their family. This can leave the kids feeling abandoned and unloved. These children are also more susceptible to falling victim to substance abuse themselves as they grow up, often repeating a seemingly endless cycle.

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