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Sobriety Doesn’t Have to be Boring

For many of us dealing with addiction, much of our past lives were centered on finding our next fix or drinking enough to dull whatever emotional insecurities we had experienced. As an addiction becomes more and more severe, it often becomes hugely time-consuming. Your priorities shift to drugs and alcohol and move away from things that were once critical to your happiness. When this happens, your entire identity intertwines with your addiction, and you lose sight of who you are supposed to be. Often in order to justify using drugs or abusing alcohol, you associate those activities with fun and excitement. You may think the most exciting thing you have to do on a Saturday night is going out for a night on the town and get so wasted you wake up the next day with little to no memory of the night before. Your physical and psychological need to appease your addiction drives you to believe that without the drugs or alcohol you just can’t have any fun. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sobriety wakes your body and your mind from an extended slumber. You will finally be free of the haze that you’ve been living your life under. All of your senses will be clear and enhanced, and you can experience things like you haven’t since before addiction took hold of your life. Sobriety is an excellent way to become present in your daily life and stay tuned into the moment. From simple things like the smell of the ocean as you walk down the beach to the exhilaration of riding on a roller coaster, each experience has more meaning and contributes to your clarity.

In a life of recovery, you will likely find yourself with more free time, at least in the beginning. Waking up each morning feeling alert and sharp instead of fogging and blurry will motivate you to make more of each day. You can find your purpose again and create meaning in your life. Focus on your passions and things that genuinely make you feel complete. You will find these activities far more rewarding than a drunken night of bar hopping. Embrace your sobriety by finding others that share your values and support you and prioritize your time with them. Consider volunteering for a cause you are passionate about. You may see you have more disposable income now that you aren’t funding your addiction. Plan for a trip you’ve always wanted to take or buy tickets to musicals or concerts. The world has so much to offer you, and now you can create your own recovery journey.

Villa Tranquil is a recovery facility that offers a myriad of services to ensure a positive, long-lasting journey toward sobriety. Call 214-799-3080 to speak with an addiction professional today and begin your recovery now.