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Social Media Slogans For Women’s Body Image Are Still A Problem

Social media has gained copious criticism for being the home to communities which promote negative body image to women. Women’s bodies are a central focus to the media. For example, when female celebrities walk a red carpet, they are asked about their outfits and beauty routines instead of their acting accomplishments or projects. The preoccupation with a woman’s outsides creates a barrier to her insides. Online, women can find support in the stories the media tell them about their appearance and the worth they have based on their appearance. These communities can be problematic and provide dangerous areas for women to enforce negative narratives in their minds.

Pro-anorexia communities have thrived online for many years. After coming into the spotlight, these communities which advocate restriction, starvation, and self-harm have been heavily regulated. In replacement, however, have come more “body positive” communities which are still doing as much harm as good. “Thinspo” “fitspo” “thinspiration” “fitspiration” “strong is the new skinny” “fit is the new skinny” and numerous other online topic trends have brought women to new levels of self-criticism and comparison of the way they feel on the inside about themselves to the way other women look on the outside.

“There’s a never-ending stream of what the right body is and what that means for the rest of us,” cites Shape Magazine. Fitness is healthier than starved skinniness, experts agree. However, obsession is as obsession does when it comes to the relationship between the mind and the body. These fitness inspired online trends are simply “…the latest body standard women are held to,” the article explains. “Bottom line: Being in shape is a great thing, so long as you’re loving your body instead of holding it to unrealistic standards.”

Unrealistic standards are a problem women are facing all every day in their lives on social media. There are many apps available that other women use to alter their digital appearance. Curating their online lives, those who view them have no way of knowing what is real, what is authentic, and what is realistic. Online social media “models” have come forward to talk about the amount of fraudulent lifestyle posts they create with take hours of posing, editing, and curating to create. These women have struggled with their own mental health issues on a quest for authenticity.


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