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Stages of Recovery

According to the Recovery Research Institute, there are five stages of recovery and change. There are different strategies, treatment, and recovery support services at each stage. Below are the five stages of recovery and change, according to the Recovery Research Institute. 

  • Pre-contemplative 

“In this stage, individuals are not even thinking about changing their behavior. They do not see their addiction as a problem: they often think others who point out the problem are exaggerating.”

  • Contemplative

“In this stage, people are more aware of the personal consequences of their addiction and spend time thinking about their problem. Although they are able to consider the possibility of changing, they tend to be ambivalent about it.”

  • Preparation

“In this stage, people have made a commitment to make a change. This stage involves information gathering about what they will need to change their behavior.”

  • Action

“In this stage, individuals believe they have the ability to change their behavior and actively take steps to change their behavior.”

  • Maintenance

“In this stage, individuals maintain their sobriety, successfully avoiding temptations and relapse.”

Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to help you throughout every stage of recovery. If you’re in the pre-contemplative stage, we want to help you realize that there may be a problem; however, there are ways to help you get through your struggles. If those around you are realizing a problem, we want to help your family and yourself get the help you need. If you’re in the contemplative stage, we want to help you change your ways and think about getting help during recovery. Preparing for intervention and help will help give you the motivation to change your ways. We want to be that extra push for you during this stage. In the preparation stage, we want your focus to be on preparing for this change. The action stage is also very important. We want to give you the help you need. Our intervention is life-changing. During the maintenance stage, we want to help keep you and your recovery up to date. Continuing treatment and monitoring your recovery is important to us.

At Villa Tranquil Recovery, we want to help you during any stage you are in. Reach out to our trained and experienced staff today, regardless of what stage of recovery you are in. We want to help you. Call us today at 214-799-3080