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Starting Over Doesn’t Have to Include Starting Over

Many people in recovery can reach what they feel like is a boiling point of their journey. Their addicted mind tells them what is needed is a drink or a drug. Trying desperately to combat, their recovery mind tells them that what they really need is to just start over. Most people will experience a day where, before the day is even halfway over, the thought I wish I could just start over comes to mind. Starting over in recovery is possible. Though you cannot rewind the clock, you can hit a refresh button and start over again without relapsing and starting your entire journey over again.


Make Room in Your Closet

Doing a closet audit is always a refreshing endeavor. Clearing out the old, making room for the new, or accepting the challenge of minimal living, you can feel a transformation taking place. Try selling to consignment shops and reinvesting your money into new wardrobe staples, putting it into savings, or treating yourself to something special. Giving to others is always a replenishing feeling. Donate your clothes instead of consigning them and know that you’re helping others in need.


Get Honest about Finances

Nothing creates stress like stressful finances. If you have a laundry list of financial issues you’ve been avoiding, now is the time to make a plan. Recovery teaches you how to approach challenges head on by walking through fear. Call your credit card companies, contact debt collection agencies, and set up payment plans. List out all the financial ‘wreckages’ of your life that need to be cleared. Check your budget, set things up accordingly, and become willing to act financially disciplined. With all the stress off your back and a plan of action in place, you’ll feel brand new.



Meditation is a quick trip to relaxation which can create an entire new perspective on your day and your life. Closing your eyes and taking a few focused deep breaths seems almost too simple to have such a tremendous impact. Meditation is full of scientifically proven benefits for your mental and your physical health. Perhaps the most profound effect of meditation is how deeply it relaxes you and reminds you that everything is okay. Take a few deep breaths, use a meditation app, focus on a few yoga stretches.


Your ability to start new starts when you choose recovery over addiction. The path of recovery is beautiful and bountiful. After treatment, continue your journey by choosing a transitional living option like the unique opportunity we offer here at Villa Tranquil. We welcome women between the ages of 18-65 to our serene estate in Jupiter Farms, Florida to progress their recovery and their lives. Call us today for information: 214-799-3080