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STOP-ing Distress

Stress is an immutable fact of life. There’s no way to avoid it, and everybody deals with it at some point in their lives. The catch is that you must know how to properly deal with it. Before dealing with stress, it’s crucial to understand its intricacies. For instance, many people are unaware that there is positive stress. Good stress is called eustress. It doesn’t need to be avoided because it has benefits to you, such as motivating you to complete tasks and keep pushing forward. Too much negative stress —distress — is harmful to you, however. If you are feeling an overwhelming amount of distress, Villa Tranquil Recovery can help. Use the STOP method to help create space between you and your stress


Stop and take a breather. If you’re in the middle of a stressful situation, physically remove yourself from it. Stop what you’re doing, get up, and leave the environment you’re in. Take a moment to calm your thoughts. Once you’re in a different situation, try to put a stop to your feelings by focusing on the moment and controlling your thinking. 

Take a few deep breaths

Take a breath. Then take another one. Breathe from your stomach and feel the breath coming up and out of your nose. Take deep breaths, not short and shallow ones. Talk to yourself and remind yourself that you are physically stopping and breathing, not focusing on what your mind is telling you. 


After you’ve calmed yourself down a bit, observe your experience from outside. Try not to judge your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Be kind to yourself and remember that your thoughts are not permanent. Accept your feelings and quiet your mind. Notice how your body is thinking, feeling, and reacting to the situation you’ve just removed yourself from. Be present and observe.

Proceed with purpose

Once you’ve done these three things, you are probably feeling a little bit better. Proceeding with purpose means doing something to help support yourself. What do you need right now? What is manageable right now? What will serve you right now? Decide what is in your best interest. Commit to doing that for yourself. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here for you. We can help you with your distress. Call us today at 214-799-3080 for more information. We can’t wait to help you with your distress and truly make a difference in your life. We can help you reach your goals. STOP and call. We’re here for you.