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Stop Juggling and Be Mindful

As women, we are often masters at juggling our responsibilities. We are such masters, in fact, that others take notice, marvel at our skills, and begin tossing us object after object. The problem is that we were juggling four objects to begin with. Now that they tossed a fifth and sixth object into the mix, we must adapt or else we will drop it all. Over time, our arms get tired from juggling and we need a break. When we ask for a break, the people around us are baffled. You were doing such a good job, they might say, so why stop? These people are outsiders who have trouble counting all the objects we are juggling. As women, we often struggle with putting ourselves first.  If you are feeling worn out from juggling too many things month after month and year after year, here’s the thing: it’s up to us to speak up and ask for the rest we need.


Refrain From Multitasking and Be Intentional

Juggling all of our responsibilities requires us to be masters at multitasking. We encourage you to refrain from multitasking. If you need a break, give yourself permission to press pause and catch your breath. Instead of splitting your focus between all of the different things you are juggling, try to focus your attention on one specific thing. Let everything go and focus on your breathing. Inhale deep through your nose and exhale deep through your mouth. This will help slow you down.


Once your breathing is under control, shift your whole focus to your thoughts. What’s the overall tone you use to speak to yourself? Are you critical or comforting when something doesn’t go the way you planned? What is the story you are telling yourself? Answer these questions one by one and take note of the areas you can be kinder to yourself. The more you focus your attention on one thing, the more in control of your situation you will feel. This will help you be gentle with yourself.


Once you’re ready to tackle a single responsibility, do so with intention. What do you hope to accomplish while completing this task? How will your choices around this situation help you get closer to your goals? How can you live with intent? Doing one thing at a time allows you to completely focus on the task at hand and allowing yourself to be in the present moment will help your productivity in the long run. Not only will you get more done, the quality of your work will increase when you focus on being mindful with one thing at a time.


Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you focus on your recovery. If you are abusing substances, every area of your life is impacted. By entering treatment and putting your effort into getting sober, you’ll be putting yourself first. If you’re ready to speak up for yourself and get what you need, call us today at 214-799-3080.