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Stop Resisting Rest

Your recovery isn’t going to always be smooth sailing, but there are some things we wish we knew sooner when it comes to making life easier. We’ll let you in on this secret: it’s time to stop resisting rest. Too many of us have a schedule packed with things to do and people to see from the moment our eyes pop open in the morning to the moment our head hits the pillow at night. Is this by design or do we feel like we have to constantly be productive? Our culture has long linked productivity to worth, but Villa Tranquil wants to redefine how we see worth. We’re here to tell you that your worth is not decided on by how many things you’ve checked off your to-do list today. In fact, you don’t have to accomplish anything to show yourself the love and care you deserve. Allow yourself the time and space to rest.

A Lack of Rest Leads to an Abundance of Stress

The more you resist rest, pushing yourself to complete everything in sight and mind, the more stress you’re going to be experiencing. Rest doesn’t just mean getting the minimal eight hours of sleep at night. Rest also includes taking small breaks throughout your workday, setting aside time to nourish your body without multitasking, and even making time to be unproductive. If you don’t regularly carve out time to rest, your stress levels will skyrocket. You might think that you can deal with the extra stress as long as you aren’t feeling a huge impact and can still complete your tasks. However, stress demands to be felt. You can only go so long ignoring your stress before it takes over. 

Burn out isn’t all that uncommon, but no one really thinks it can happen to them…until it does. Once you’ve pushed yourself to your limit, you’re going to know it. You may have evaded rest up until now, but once you’ve burnt yourself out, your body will force you to rest until it decides it can go again. Take it from us: you don’t want to reach your limit. Instead, stop resisting rest while you still can. Make the conscious choice to take a break and unwind at least once a day. You’ll feel so much better in the long run if you stop resisting rest now.


Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you if you think you need an extra layer of support during your recovery. We can give you the rest you deserve. Call us now at 214-799-3080. We can’t wait to speak with you!