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Stretching Your Comfort Zone

Your recovery is about breaking down the brick walls that keep you from leaving your comfort zone. These brick walls have been created, brick by brick, each time you rethink trying to scale the wall. The more you second guess yourself, you’re unconsciously tossing another brick upon the top of the wall. Before you know it, your wall is so high that you can’t see over to the other side. Your addiction thrives on this comfort. The more bricks you toss up, the more complacent you become. Without much thought, you’ve conditioned yourself to go against your instincts to try something new. If you want to knock down that comfort wall and blow through your addiction, you’re going to have to shake up your life. Although it may be scary at first, stretching your comfort zone is worth it if it means letting go of the substances that have a stronghold on your life.

Tolerating Discomfort

In order to stretch your comfort zone, you’re going to have to get used to tolerating discomfort. This isn’t something you’re going to be naturally good at. It’s going to feel weird and different and you might want to quit. After all, you’re so used to the same old habits that have become comfortable. Think back to when those habits were new, however. They probably weren’t the most comfortable either. You probably endured the discomfort, getting through it each day until you became comfortable with it. Tolerating your comfort zone is about becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you aren’t going to give discomfort the chance, you’re going to find yourself quitting before you’ve started.

Trust Yourself

To stretch your comfort zone, you’re going to have to trust yourself to break down the brick wall. Trust that you’re going to be okay with the discomfort of knocking off one brick at a time. We aren’t asking you to knock down the whole wall at once. That would be unreasonable. We understand that you are comfortable in your substance use. We know, however, that you can be comfortable without those substances, too. It takes time, but we can get you to a place where you aren’t depending on substances. You’ve just got to trust yourself — and us — to stretch your comfort zone just a bit.


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