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Supportive Addiction Treatment – Why it Works for Women

There are many types of treatment when battling addiction. Treatment plans vary depending on the specific type of addiction as well as the person’s individual needs and circumstances. The duration of the addiction and the depth of the habitual patterns are all considerations when determining what type of treatment will be most useful for the patient. For women, one kind of treatment that has very positive results is Supportive Addiction Treatment.

Supportive Addiction Treatment refers to the concept of using compassion when working with patients. Some types of treatment are aggressive, use fear as a tactic, and focus on negative emotions and consequences to deter addictive behavior and reinforce positive change. These tactics can be psychologically harmful to many women because a large number of women dealing with addiction are dealing with a variety of negative emotions like shame and guilt, among others. Supportive Addiction Treatment involves treating patients with a high level of respect and acknowledging that while they are responsible for their decisions and their situation, they are not bad people because they fell victim to addiction.

This treatment focuses on positive emotions and how they are beneficial to both the psychological and physical sides of women. Reinforcing positive behaviors, rewarding changes that focus on sobriety, and encouraging personal growth are all keys to the success from Support Addiction Treatment. Women are often their worst critics and having a support team in place that recognizes the fact that the last thing women need is more negativity, significantly increases the probability of an effective addiction treatment plan.     

Villa Tranquil Recovery stands as a new staple in the women’s treatment community, offering gender-specific services for women between the ages of 18-65. Our beautiful home in Jupiter Farms, Florida provides a transitional living opportunity for women to continue their treatment process while regaining the skills they need to thrive in sobriety. Owned and operated by clinicians, we offer exceptional care so women can build exceptional lives of recovery. Call us today for information 214-799-3080.