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Taking A Cue From Spring As A Woman Of Sobriety

In Pagan traditions, Springtime is marked by a goddess named Ostara. A single artist’s rendition of Ostara by Johannes Gerts from the late 1800s depicts the goddess as a beautiful robust woman with flowing hair. Surrounding her is a rabbit, babies, and birds. Other depictions of Ostara show her with eggs, small animals, and flowers. She is believed to represent reproduction in all of its forms, as the Spring season is a time of rebirth for the planet.

Winter is a time of deep rest for the planet. Rain and snow, sleet and hail, cold temperatures and harsh conditions, challenge us to turn to our resources, endure, and survive. Though it feels like winter will never end, it does, and with great reward. Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year before the heat of summer arrives. Warmer temperatures, greater sunshine, and a bounty of earth’s most beautiful blessings are everywhere. We can take a cue from spring as women of sobriety. Sometimes after our greatest challenges which push us to our limits, we reap the greatest rewards. Life becomes abundantly beautiful. We are born anew, just like the new flowers, the new plants, and baby animals are born anew in the spring.

Spring teaches us that we are capable of surviving. We are shown that hard work, like the work that goes into surviving the winter, payoff- even if the reward is temporary. Spring also teaches us that our rewards are temporary and that each season of our lives, with all of their differences need to be appreciated. Quite literally, and figuratively, spring teaches us to stop and smell the roses. Everything is in transition and one season of bountiful reward will lead to another season of challenging circumstances.

Flowers unfortunately die. Cute baby animals start to mature into adult animals. As quickly as trees turn green, the summer prepares them for autumn. Life comes in phases, ebbs and flows. Often we say in recovery, “This too shall pass”. We say this sentiment to ourselves in time of difficulty, but we forget to say it to ourselves in times of bounty as well. During the spring we have to remind ourselves, this too shall pass. However, we do so in a way that celebrates the transitioning seasons rather than mourn them- spring will come again. For that, we can be thankful.

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