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Technology Advances, and so does Addiction

It seems like technology changes daily. Smartphones get smarter, cars drive themselves, and you are no longer required to be there when the vacuum is doing its job. As technology continues to advance, it is not immune to the effects of addiction. One of the most recently declared addictions relates to the use and abuse of technology. Mainly seen in the younger generations, kids are growing up with more screen time than people time, and it is not without its consequences. There are some distinct warning signs that you or a loved one may be struggling with an unhealthy relationship with technology.

  1. Cravings – This may seem like an unusual subject when referring to technology. However, those that rely too heavily on their technology tend to become anxious, stressed, or to feel uncomfortably isolated. These are signs that the individual may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. While this may sound unusual, the brightness of the screens, immediate gratification, and a higher level of stimulation can create a dependence on technology.
  2. Missed Opportunities – As an individual becomes more and more dependent on their technology for a myriad of needs in their lives, they often being choosing technology over real life. A person with an addiction to technology may want to stay home rather than go to a game with friends or a walk with the family. They might prefer to chat online with people they’ve never met in person rather than meet a loved one for coffee. The individual misses out on real-life moments in favor of technology.
  3. Multi-tasking – If you aren’t satisfied with one form of technology and you instead find yourself playing a computer game while scrolling through your Facebook feed, and listening to music on your iPod, there may be a problem. Multitasking significantly lowers the involvement the individual feels to any specific task. In essence, the individual is distracting themselves with other distractions.

If you or a loved one has experienced any of these warning signs, it is essential to understand the potential significance of this problem. Addiction to technology can be detrimental to relationships, employment, and self-esteem. Don’t let addiction control you. Get the help you need and reclaim your life.

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