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That’s Life

When something goes wrong and you turn to someone for guidance, you may be feeling discouraged if they respond with a comment of “that’s life.” This expression is usually used when someone is tired of hearing about the sadness and frustration you’re expressing and they don’t know what to say. Villa Tranquil Recovery wants to find out what “that’s life” really means, and how we can make the most of this wild life.

What We Say and How We Say It

Language, says Kiran Sidhu for In The Moment magazine, “affects the way we think and how we look at the world.” If we continue to tell ourselves “that’s life” when something doesn’t go our way, you will begin to believe that nothing will ever go our way and we don’t have the power to change it.

We will begin to feel disappointed and dejected by this dreary comment. “That’s life” doesn’t really help anyone, does it? We must learn that what we say and how we say it impacts how we feel. If you are constantly using phrases like this, you’ll begin to feel disappointed much of the time.

Is Life Black and White?

No, life is not just black and white. Life is full of grays. And those grays are full of color. You wouldn’t know that, however, if you are so focused on comments such as “that’s life” when things go wrong. “Life is the hot pink flush of your first date,” says Sidhu. “It’s the azure sea that you swam in on your summer holidays.

It’s the slate gray color of that day when it was so cold you heard your bones rattle. It’s the black hole you fell in when someone you loved died. And it’s the green of the hills you had to run to. It’s the warm yellow color of hope, and the heart-stopping red of despair and it’s the blinding white light at the end of the tunnel.” Do you see all of the things you’ll be missing if you reduce your life to a simple, bleak comment such as “that’s life?”

Pain Is Fleeting

The pain we feel when we say “that’s life” doesn’t last forever. You won’t suffer forever. You’ll be able to get through this rough patch and onto the other side. You’ll be able to recover. You’ll be able to get and stay sober. You can do this. We’re here to help. Recovery is life.

Villa Tranquil Recovery is here to help you get and stay sober. Call us today at 214-799-3080. We want to help you get on the journey to recovery. Call us now!