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The 11 Indicators Of Quality Addiction Treatment

Recovery Research Institute outlines how to properly find addiction treatment programs that are worthy of your time. Villa Tranquil Recovery hits all 11 indicators of a quality addiction treatment center. We offer effective treatment that will jumpstart your recovery and keep you on the right path!

  • Assessment and treatment matching (identify)

Making sure you find a program with “reliable and valid screening” for not only substance use disorder but other co-occurring mental health issues is a big key that needs to be met. Assessing you, the patient’s, history and symptoms is a necessity to be able to help you in your recovery.

  • Comprehensive, integrated treatment approach (treat)

Integrating treatment of co-occurring disorders is a must for centers. Patients come to us with many different issues. Addressing these separate issues must happen.

  • Emphasis and assertive linkage to subsequent phases of treatment and recovery support

Social and recovery support during a transition period is important for our patients. We offer and link our patients to step-down programs that will be beneficial to you. 

  • A dignified, respectful environment

Building a dignified and respectful environment means having a center that is clean and comfortable while maintaining a professional space between staff and patients. We aim to make sure that our patients are respected and feel like they are just like everyone else. 

  • Significant other and/or family involvement in treatment

Creating a space that includes family involvement is necessary for helping our patients receive treatment, as well as giving their families the resources that they need. 

  • Employ strategies to help engage and retain patients in treatment

We aim to help all our patients remain in treatment for as long as they need it. We do this through healthy communication and remaining translucent. 

  • Use of evidence-based and evidence-informed practices

Centers need to use “FDA approved medications for addiction as well as psychotropic medications for other types of psychiatric conditions.” Our trained staff helps put this into action.

  • Qualified staff, ongoing training, and adequate staff supervision

We aim to treat the mind, body, and spirit. Our trained and experienced staff helps with addressing the various needs of all of our patients. 24/7 supervision is also something that we include in our program. 

  • Personalized approaches that include specialized populations, gender, and cultural competence

We focus on treating adult women with high-quality care at all times.

  • Measurement of program performance, including during-treatment “outcomes”

We use measurement systems to quantify the treatment of our patients. We want to make sure our treatment is as effective as possible.  

  • External accreditation from nationally recognized quality monitoring agencies

We are an accredited center that is licensed to give the best care possible. We offer quality care at all times. 

Villa Tranquil Recovery aims to do everything we can to offer quality addiction treatment. We have all 11 indicators of a quality addiction treatment center set forth by Recovery Research Institute. We want to help you be the best version of yourself. Reach out to us today at 214-799-3080. We cannot wait to hear from you.