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The 3 Top Qualities That Make A Strong, Authentic Sober Woman

Recovery is a chance for women to regain their strength and their authenticity.


  • A strong, authentic sober woman meets challenges as opportunities for internal growth: Women are less interested in external validation as they are for internal validation. Challenges which arise in day to day life of sobriety invigorate women to meet them with voracity because of how they will grow on the inside. Women seek personal, internal development which prove further to themselves their worth, value, and capacity. Remarkably capable, a woman who gains her confidence through her recovery knows that she is capable of overcoming even the most dire circumstances. For many women, the decision to get sober is a matter of life and death. Despite the voice of addiction and alcoholism in their head which encourages them to stay in the grips of substance abuse, they overcome and choose life. Women work hard in recovery to gain back their dignity, their health, and their authenticity. Often they have to fight to regain custody of their children, their jobs, and their ability to provide.
  • A strong, authentic sober woman is impassioned and seeks to create meaning: Without meaning, recovery has no purpose. Without purpose, recovery has no passion. Addiction and alcoholism thrive in the brain by creating chemical disruptions in the systems for pleasure and reward. Overtime, chronic exposure to high volumes of drugs and alcohol create an alteration in the brain which causes a dependence upon substances for pleasure. The brain becomes dependent on the experience of pleasure and dependent upon drugs and alcohol to provide pleasure. Eventually, the brain is completely disabled in its ability to produce pleasure on its own. Life, according to the chemically dependent brain, loses all of its meaning. Life loses its purpose if it cannot create pleasure. Recovery teaches women how to create meaning and purpose in their life by reigniting their passion. Women often become impassioned by their recovery and find both meaning as well as purpose in that realm of their life. When they apply the passion of recovery into other areas of their life, they are capable of creating things.
  • A strong, authentic sober woman is an informed decision-maker: Women have to take many different considerations into her life. When she has children, she considers the children. When she is married, she considers her partner. Capable of assuming numerous perspectives at once, a woman is especially skilled at making informed decisions. Addiction and alcoholism are known to create a block to considering consequences. Chronically referred to as selfish and self-centered, women struggling with addiction and alcoholism lose their natural ability to think of everyone else. Drugs and alcohol narrow their perspective to the immediate moment and the personal needs of that moment. On the other hand, many women are high functioning business owners, professionals, and mothers, or fulfilling the responsibilities of other occupational demands. Recovery helps a women gain back her ability to think of others and the consequences of her actions. After many years making ill-considered decisions, a woman of sobriety is not quick to choose impulsively.


Recovery will help you regain your authentic self. Villa Tranquil Recovery would like to offer you a transitional care opportunity to find the serenity life in sobriety can bring you. Our compassionate program of care continues the clinical structure of treatment at a lower level of care, including experiential activities, mentorship, and vocational guidance. For information on our new home in Jupiter Farms, Florida, call us today:  214-799-3080