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The 5 Facets Of Emotional Intelligence

Many people are familiar with IQ: Intelligence Quotient. IQ can be tested via a quiz that explores the different aspects of intelligence. An IQ test, however, does not test for emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is an extremely important quality to have. It’s also essential for bettering your mental health. Emotional intelligence understands how important it is to control your emotions and recognize other people’s emotions. There are five different facets of emotional intelligence. Learn more about them below. 

Social skills

To maintain healthy relationships, you must have exceptional social skills. If you are struggling in your recovery to improve your relationships, you might be lacking some important social skills. These can be learned through DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy. In your recovery, there will be times that you need help from those around you. Maintaining good social skills ensures you will be setting and keeping your boundaries intact. 


Recognizing your own emotions is a good first step, but you also need to be able to recognize the emotions in others as well. With empathy, you’ll be able to acknowledge and relate to those around you. This is also important in effective communication because you will need to read the conversation to respond in a productive way. 


Motivating yourself and those around you is a good step in the right direction of emotional intelligence. You need to prove to yourself, then others, that you are motivated and committed to your recovery and sobriety. 


To be effective emotionally, you must be aware of your own emotions. You must be able to see and fix your weaknesses. You must also be sure to keep in mind how your emotions and actions are affecting those around you. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions have the ability to impact your relationships. Be aware of this.


After you are aware of your emotions, you will be able to regulate them in healthy ways. Controlling your emotions can be deciding when and when not to speak up in conversations. Knowing when your words may hurt more than help is an important skill to have in your interpersonal relationships. Respect your own emotions so that you can accept the emotions of others, too. 

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