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The Benefits of Sunlight

Our bodies obtain the necessary minerals and vitamins in a wide variety of ways. One such method that is often overlooked is through the sun. The sun provides a wide range of healing benefits. Some of these benefits are even more valuable to those of us in recovery. In fact, using the sun’s natural benefits to encourage or enhance the body’s healing abilities is known as heliotherapy.

The most prominent vitamin our bodies obtain through exposure to sunlight is Vitamin D. The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D which provides an increased immune system function while elevating your mood and allowing you to feel better. The release of serotonin can further elevate your mood. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays create conditions that increase the body’s release of serotonin. The sun’s UV rays also cause the body to release a compound known as nitric oxide. Studies prove that nitric oxide can lead to lower blood pressure, which is another unexpected side effect of spending time in the sun.

Due to the sun’s positive effect on mood and mental well-being, many doctors are recommending heliotherapy for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, and sadness. For patients located in more northern climates where sunlight is limited during certain seasons, there are specially designed “happy” lights available as a part of heliotherapeutic sessions. These lights mimic the sun’s rays and have been shown to provide many of the benefits of sunlight.

While sun exposure can be dangerous in large quantities, moderate exposure to the sun’s rays can have a significant positive effect on your recovery. Make sure you plan plenty of outdoor time and avoid staying indoors for extended periods of time. Consider getting your necessary dose of sunshine as a mandatory part of your overall health and wellness.

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