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The Connection Between Legal Problems and Recovery

People dealing with addiction often have some things in common with one another. Whether it be the trauma in your past, the depression you endure, or the negative influences in your childhood, those of us that have struggled with drugs or alcohol often have similarities in how they ended up depending on these substances.

That is not where the commonalities end. Recent studies show that individuals with legal problems are far more likely to struggle with addiction. Specifically, when women have a history of legal issues, drugs and alcohol seem to be more common. These studies show that women involved in everything from child custody issues, petty crime such as theft, or financial obligations that have gone south, make up a large percentage of the total number of women dealing with addiction. After interviewing a large number of women struggling with addiction, researchers conclude that often prior to creating a pattern of drug or alcohol abuse, women found themselves fighting within the legal system.

The connection between legal issues and addiction goes much deeper. When women fall into patterns involving drug or alcohol abuse, often their initial exposure to the legal system magnifies creating more extensive legal problems. Those dealing with addiction may find themselves breaking the law by purchasing, using, or even distributing illegal substances. While obviously, alcohol use is legal, those abusing alcohol are often familiar with violations like drinking under the influence or disorderly conduct. For some, the beginning stages of addiction don’t immediately create a pattern of legal issues, but for many, this is just a matter of time. Legal problems are only one of the many dangerously adverse side effects of all types of addiction.

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