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The Deadliest Time for Mothers

There is one time in a woman’s life that is without a doubt potentially the deadliest time of their life. For those of us that opt to take the enormous leap of faith into motherhood, that tremulous time is the first year after giving birth to a child. While this is also an incredibly joyous and special time with your new baby, the physical and emotional changes that your body endures can have extremely detrimental effects on even the most loving, adoring mother.

Research shows that more women experience a drug overdose, alcohol abuse, or instances of self-harm (and even suicide) during the first year after having a baby than any other single event in a woman’s lifetime. For someone in recovery, the statistics become even more alarming. Give yourself credit for getting where you are today, but also recognize that you may need the support of others during this challenging time.

Understand that the answer for a woman in recovery is NOT to merely avoid pregnancy and childbirth altogether. If you are passionate about becoming a mother, then don’t let anything get in your way. However, it makes sense to be prudent, as with most things, and acknowledge your past issues with addiction can potentially be problematic when dealing with the many hormone fluctuations and lifestyle adjustments that come with parenting during the first year. Be open and honest with your healthcare providers and set yourself up for recovery success during your first year of parenthood. Create a strong support system and surround yourself with positive role models. Understand that you can’t do everything yourself and be open to help when it is offered.

Sleep deprivation is a real thing! During the first year, the lack of sleep can indeed have negative impacts on both your mind and body. Call on that support system to ensure you can get adequate rest to ensure you are prepared and able to take care of yourself and your baby. Taking care of yourself must be a priority to ensure you are able to care for your new baby, as well successfully.

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