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The Fallacy of a Perfect Woman

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “perfect” as “being entirely without fault or defect”, “satisfying all requirements”, and “corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept”. Most modern American women can read these definitions and think of a woman or two or three who fit this model. She’s practically perfect. There is one more definition of “perfect” according to this dictionary which deserves some deeper contemplation: “faithfully reproducing the original”. Who is the original woman? The woman who is saintly in all of her femininity, free from flaws, faults, and defects? Who is this woman who is perfect in all of her ways, the “exemplification of supreme excellence”, as Merriam-Webster would define “perfection”? Could we name her by name? Might we be able to find a specific point in history, a distinguished movement in culture, a revolution in modernity that would tell us who this “original” woman is, this birth of perfection, after whom we are constantly attempting to faithfully reproduce?

If we take a biblical turn we might find ourselves in the Garden of Eden with Eve. Unfortunately, since Eve took the fruit off the tree, she is not our model of perfect. Perhaps we strive to regain our reputation before Eve fell for the cunning manipulations of the serpent- punishing one generation of women to the next, for thousands of years, to “satisfy all requirements” as Eve should have done. The truth of the matter is this: there is no “original woman”. There is no one idea that can be traced to actual existence of this perfect woman. Over time she has been bought, sold, co-opted, commodified, and redefined. She has been dreamt up by “Ad Men” and corporations and she has been swallowed up by women hoping to achieve this “supreme excellence”. However, the original woman, this saintly state of perfection doesn’t exist.

You are the original woman.

Every part of you, from your head to your toe, from your lineage to your personality, from your likes and dislikes to the curve of your nose and the curve of your hips is 100% original. You are already an “exemplification of supreme excellence” who is “entirely without fault or defect” because there is not one single woman out there who is exactly like you, making you the most perfect model of yourself. You are the original woman. You are perfect in all of your ways as your are. Faithfully seek to become more and more yourself- the ultimate supreme ideal woman.


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