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The Link Between Heavy Drinking and Dementia

For decades, researchers speculated that heavy drinking had some relationship with the onset of dementia, but there was no concrete evidence to support this theory. However, recent studies prove that people that drink more than five beers in one sitting or consume an entire bottle of wine are there times more likely to develop dementia by the age of 65. That is a frightening statistic!

While there are many forms of dementia, dementia caused by binge drinking occurs due to the damaged brain cells. Alcohol abuse prevents the natural process of neuron regeneration. When neurons can’t regenerate, they simply die. Dementia that is tied to alcohol-related brain damage (ARBD) is more common among women between the ages of 30-45, as they are more susceptible to the adverse effects of alcohol than men. Perhaps one the scariest facts about dementia due to binge drinking is that the effects last long after the binge drinking has stopped. Another study also concluded that over 40 percent of early-onset dementia cases were directly caused by ARBD. Another 18 percent of these cases were linked to other forms of alcohol-related activity. Combining those results, the study explains that nearly 60 percent of early-onset dementia is related to alcohol consumption.

Dementia from alcohol misuse can start with milder symptoms that may appear imperceptible. The user may notice gaps in their long-term memory and struggles to learn and store new information. These symptoms gradually become more dramatic and morph into classic dementia symptoms.

There are so many negative consequences to alcohol abuse. Don’t waste another day of your life on alcohol. Take the steps now to create the best experience possible. Ending the cycle of alcoholism gives you so much more to look forward to in your life. As these studies have clearly discerned, choosing sobriety now dramatically decreases the chances of dementia later in life. Protect your future and protect yourself. Choose sobriety.

For women ages 18-65, Villa Tranquil offers a serene environment in which you can transition into your new life of sobriety with the support and education you need. With an experienced staff, a multitude of therapy options, and a variety of sober activities, you can begin to appreciate the life of sobriety you have chosen and learn the critical skills you need to ensure your journey is successful. Please call Villa Tranquil at 214-799-3080.