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The Link Between Trauma and Addiction

There is a myriad of theories that discuss the potential causes of addiction. While there is no answer with absolute certainty, there is a definitive correlation between addiction and trauma. Does this mean trauma causes addiction? Not necessarily. What it does say, though, is that even though the nature of the relationship between trauma and addiction may not be genuinely lucid, it is undeniably there.

Much research has been conducted regarding the link between trauma and addiction. Specifically for women, the link is present in over 80 percent of all those dealing with addiction. In other words, only 20 percent of women that have dealt with addiction had no obvious trauma in their past. The majority of women battling addiction have experienced a traumatic time in their lives that contributed to their addiction. This is indeed not to state that addiction only occurs after trauma, but after trauma, a woman is at higher risk of becoming a victim of addiction.

Trauma can mean many different things. It can describe mental, physical, or emotional abuse. It could refer to a terrible auto accident or the loss of a loved one. Trauma can encompass such an enormity of circumstances, but they all have at least one commonality. Trauma causes damage to a person in a multitude of ways. The damage may be visible to the eye, or it may be hidden deep in the individual’s psyche. When the mind can’t deal with an incident or set of circumstances, it creates coping mechanisms. One such coping mechanism is burying the pain through use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. What can sometimes start as drowning your sorrows for the immediate future can quickly turn into a lifetime of struggling with addiction.

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