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The Power of Emotional Support Animals

The love, affection, and loyalty of domestic pets like cats and dogs have been raved about for centuries. The loving expression referring to dogs as “man’s best friend” speaks volumes to the potential bonds between people and their pets. These relationships aren’t reserved for just dogs and cats anymore, either. Now, horses, cows, pigs, and many other animals have been domesticated. Research has even shown that petting an animal can cause a physical reduction in heart rate. For these reasons, it should come as no surprise that pets can participate in your recovery as an Emotional Support Animal.  

There are many benefits to having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) in your recovery. The bond formed between you and your ESA can provide meaning to your life in those moments when things seem pointless. If you are dealing with loneliness or isolation, having an ESA does wonders to alleviate these feelings. With your ESA by your side, you have a companion that is loyal and steadfast and won’t let you down as you may have found people too readily have in the past.

An Emotional Support Animal requires a higher level of responsibility. Caring for your ESA teaches responsibility and creates a demand on your time and intention. The practice of providing the required care and the depth of the inherent responsibility is a sobering fact and can cause a massive boost to both self-esteem and confidence. Many people in the early stages of recovery have moments where they feel useless and unnecessary. Providing for your ESA, even in just small ways, can create a positive self-image, which is a critical part of your recovery success.  

The transition between your primary treatment program and returning to your home can be stressful and intimidating. You don’t have to make that adjustment alone. Villa Tranquil, a recovery facility that offers the support, training and a multitude of therapies to aid in your recovery, provides experienced staff to guide you through this tremulous time. Call 214-799-3080 to speak with a recovery expert right away!