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The Power of Positive Affirmations

If only other people knew the noise going on between a woman’s ears. Woman can be, and many women are, incredibly confident in themselves. Working hard for years, they have defeated their internal critical voice and created a powerful message of positivity through the eyes of which they can see themselves. When women first get to recovery, they are usually not this way. Multiple years spent chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol leaves them feeling shaken and broken, full of shame and guilt, feeling anything but confident in themselves. Riddled with narratives of punishment and failure, doubt and uncertainty, along with damning predictions for the future, women can be challenged in finding a single positive thing to say about themselves. Enter: positive affirmations.

Affirmations are those powerful statements you assert to yourself every day. Most recommended is to repeat positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror once or twice a day. Often, we think of people who already feel powerful and confident in their lives using positive affirmations to remind themselves of who they already know themselves to be. How can we use positive affirmations when we don’t feel able to positively affirm anything about ourselves? That’s precisely when we use positive affirmations. We create a list of the things we want to believe about ourselves, even the things we might slightly believe about ourselves, especially the things we know we need to believe about ourselves but don’t. At first, the experience can be awkward, even uncomfortable. Avoiding our eyes in the mirror, we read off our list as quickly as possible. Somewhere in the process, we stop averting ourselves. We take a deep breath as we read off an affirmation. We start to believe what we say. We believe the fact that we believe this about ourselves. We notice a change. After the recommended six month period, we feel different- more confident, more positive, more affirmed.

To make a list of positive affirmations, first consider write down the positive things about yourself you consider to be true. Next, make a list of the things you want to be true but you don’t feel are true. These are often things you hear from other people yet don’t feel you really embody. Lastly, make a list of the things you want to feel. This last list is often a direct opposite of your most negative beliefs. You can write your affirmations simply on a page or you can create a piece of therapeutic art, making an inviting piece you are willing to look at a few times a day.


You are worth your best thoughts. With time and recovery, you can discover the best of yourself and build your identity as a compassionate, authentic woman of sobriety. Villa Tranquil offers women a unique opportunity through a transitional living program following their primary treatment experience. Independently owned and operated by clinicians, our beautiful home is the private, safe, serene environment women need to be encouraged in continuing to grow and evolve in recovery. Call us today for information:  214-799-3080