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The Role of Exercise in Recovery

The recovery journey encompasses so many various areas, and all are significant for different reasons. Exercise is one aspect that impacts many other areas of recovery, also. The stronger and healthier a person’s body is, the more effective the other aspects of a treatment plan will be. There are so many benefits of regular exercise, the benefits are astonishing.

Exercise does not need to mean training for a triathlon or weight lifting for two hours at the gym. It can be a simple as taking a walk, going for a run, swimming, or taking a yoga class. The type of exercise that makes sense in your life and that you will commit to doing regularly is the best exercise.

Why is exercise so important in recovery?

First, addiction can be extremely hard on the body. After treatment, recovery is a time of healing. Exercise allows the body to begin to heal itself from the inside out. Regular exercise drastically improves circulation which encourages the natural healing process. Drugs and alcohol can cause an increase in lactic acid in the muscles, causing muscle soreness and weakness. Extended use of drugs and alcohol can prolong this affect. Exercise encourages the healthy production of lactic acid and will, slowly but surely, strengthen muscles once again.

Structure can be an important component to a successful recovery, and a regular exercise schedule adds structure to your life. Whether it is a morning walk or a kick boxing class, having a plan to do something that improves your health and takes care of your body each day brings you closer and closer to the life you deserve. The more comfortable you become with your fitness, the more likely you are to set fitness goals, and when you have goals that you are working towards, the temptation to fall back into addiction will lessen as you will know that drinking or doing drugs takes you further away from that goal. It will serve as another reason to stay sober!

Another significant benefit of exercise in recovery is the mood enhancement affect. Exercise causes your body to release endorphins that improve your mood and make you feel better about yourself. It improves self-image and tends to create positivity. All of these things make recovery more doable and more enjoyable.   

Take pride in your recovery and be passionate about being your best version of you.

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